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Jose Mourinho Confirm Injury Eric Bailly

The Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has yet to know how severe the injury Eric Bailly against Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park, London, Wednesday (14/12/2016) local time.

Bailly appeared as defender faced The Eagles which ended 1-0 to Manchester United. However, the origin of the Ivory Coast players were only played for 52 minutes and then replaced Matteo Darmian.

"We don't know yet how severe the injury Bailly. Cederanya is not the same as before. Now, she experienced an injury to the left knee. Of course he injured it when compete with other viewpoints. However, he showed great character to continue to playup to the maximum limit, "said Mourinho.

"He's never suffered a right knee injury and undergo a recovery process. He could have survived longer in the field, probably around 75 minutes. However, he also experienced tremendous pain, "continued Mourinho.

This injury became the second experienced Bailly since joined Manchester United in the summer of 2016. Earlier, Villarreal player ex it suffers knee injury right so make itabsent since 24 October until 1 January 2016.

Jose Mourinho Confirm Injury Eric Bailly

Bailly was one of Mourinho's flagship player on this season. Bailly had melakoni 16 matches in various event with total minutes played reached 1,279 seconds.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, claiming his former Barcelona players facing hassles now playing alongside Middlesbrough, Adama Traore, when these two teams met on the weekend continued Premier League Stadium in Riverside, Wednesday (14/12/2016).

Adama Traore came from Barcelona at the beginning of the season 2016-2017. He has melakoni 11 games along with Middlesbrough in all competitions, but has not been able to print one goal or assist.

"Traore is a fast player. It's hard to stop him throughout the game. It's obvious he has a very high quality. You need four players to stop the movement of him, "said Jurgen Klopp.

"There are many opportunities that made Middlesbrough and that's troublesome my team. When we are capable of winning possession like on this action, there will always be players like Traore who perform counteroffensive. Almost impossible to always be able to get by with either, but I am happy over the result earned team, "saidKlopp.

Jose Mourinho Confirm Injury Eric Bailly

Liverpool win 3-0 in those games. Goals from Adam Lallana scored for Liverpool in the 29th minute and 68 ', as well as his Origi Divock (60 '). This win made Liverpool are in second place while the Premier League standings with 34 points.

The Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho admits Wayne Rooney reacted negatively after coming out of the field, and replaced Marcus Rashford. However, suchaction is not fixed on the decision of Mourinho.

Mourinho, as released Manchester Evening News (MES), Thursday (15/12/2016), revealing, kekesalahan Rooney fixed on referee Craig Pawson. According to Rooney, Crystal Palace midfielder Joe Ledley violation, holding the ball with his hand in the penalty box.

As a result, Rooney thought Manchester United should get a penalty. Alas, the umpire unmoved. Rooney protested constantly. Mourinho know Rooney attitude, because by that time the score was still 1-draw.

Jose Mourinho Confirm Injury Eric Bailly

Rooney out of the field at the 80th minute. Marcus Rashford replacing the position of the captain. On 80 minutes on the field, Rooney doing 2 shots right sasara and 1shot misses.

Rooney managed to make 3 chance plus 49 bait lures with pinpoint accuracy, 83.7%. In the game, Manchester United Crystal Palace to bend with the score 2-1. Manchester United's superior in the first two minutes of injury time of the first half through Paul Pogba.

Host to equalize in minute 66 via James McArthur. Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored a decisive victory in Manchester United, two minutes of normal time bubaran admits.

"He was upset with the possibility of getting a penalty. He protested to the direction of the referee on the field, then approached the fourth referee on the sidelines. I told him, ' forget it, quickly forget about it '. I think it can be dangerous if not focus back, "said Mourinho, in MEN.

Related handsball likely, Mourinho claimed to not see. Mourinho is looking at the performance of referee is nice. "The umpire is becoming one of the best young referees. If he did a mistake, might not be fortunate for him, but he's the referee who had a great future, "refer to Mourinho.

Manchester City Players Still Support Pep Guardiola

Manchester City, striker Nolito, calling teammate remains in full support of Pep Guardiola. Nolito made sure players Man City will continue to follow the instructionPick.

The city had three points back after conquering Watford 2-0 in the 16th match of the weekend Premier League, on Wednesday (14/12/2016). This was the first victory The Citizens at Etihad Stadium in the last three months.

The victory also became a fresh wind after a series of bad results which received City in the last two games in the Premier League. Earlier, Manchester City swallow twoconsecutive defeats, namely the counter Chelsea (1-3) on 3 December 2016 and Leicester City (2-4), December 11, 2016.

The effects of performance Pep Guardiola, santer was reported would be evaluated.However, Spain coach is still getting full support from the child asuhnya

"We have always been behind Real Madrid Manager and always follow what diinstruksikannya. However the good results have not failed to come at us, "said Nolito.

Manchester City Players Still Support Pep Guardiola

"That's what we feel in some of the last match. We face a team which also features a nice game. It's always hard and always depends on the team that we face, "he continued.

Back to grab the three points, the position of Manchester City in the Premier League standings, while table remain unchanged. They still inhabit the fourth place with 33 points, lagging seven points from the standings, Chelsea pemuncak.

The Liverpool striker, Divock Origi, dibekap injury in the 16th match of the weekendPremier League Middlesbrough at the Riverside Stadium, cons, Wednesday (14/12/2016). However, the Manager of The Reds, Jurgen Klopp, calling if the injury is not serious Origi.

"I don't feel any serious injuries have Origi. He's just having a little problem in his leg. Had I wanted to replace the Sadio Mane, but Origi was already lying, "said Klopp.

Belgium-born Player was handed down since the early minutes Klopp. In the game,Origi participate contributed a goal in the 60th minute. GOL gol Origi and Adam Lallana seconds to-29 and 68 ' make Liverpool win 3-0.

Shortly before the game ended, the 21-year-old player must get treatment due to injury. He then replaced Trent Arnold in the 90 + 1. Lucky, the injury is not too serious Origi.

A victory over Middlesbrough made a position Liverpool climbed into the rankings two standings while the Premier League with the value 34. Their superior goal difference over Arsenal who is ranked three, and six points of Chelsea at the top.

After the match, Liverpool will undergo the Merseyside derby at Goodison Park Everton cons, Monday (19/12/2016). Jurgen Klopp will most likely be able to return to play the game on Divock Origi.

The Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, praised Marcos Rojo despite doing horror tekel to Crystal Palace, Wilfried Zaha, when the two teams meet at Selhurst Park Stadium, London, on Wednesday (14/12/2016).

Manchester City Players Still Support Pep Guardiola

"Rojo playing phenomenal. She performed very well. Rojo is a clean, aggressive, and also natural. He's an emotional player but keep it clean, "said Mourinho.

Due to do loudly to tekel Zaha, Rojo Iniesta a yellow card. However, the Argentinamidfielder was judged worthy of being given the red card due to his horror that could injure the tekel opponents.

"When a Player performs tekel with both legs, it is an excessive action and endangerthe opponent. That situation could endanger the safety of Zaha. Rojo have much to learn, he shouldn't be doing that, "said the former Premier League referee HowardWeb.

In those games, Manchester United wins 2-1 over the Palace. Two goals in The RedDevils into Paul Pogba minutes 45 + 2 and Zlatan Ibrahimovic 88 minutes. Meanwhile, the goal of Crystal Palace action born of James McArthur (66 ').

This victory does not change the position of Manchester United in the standings while the Premier League. They still are sixth with a value of 27, left behind 13 points from the standings leaders, Chelsea.